What’s Happening With LS In Málaga, Spain?

A blog by Dr Neomi Peña Trapero

In Málaga, LS research focuses on virtuality in order to develop the practical thinking of teachers through analysis of knowledge-in-action. LS has proven to be a privileged series of strategies in making knowledge –which by nature is unconscious and automatic– visible by promoting self-observation and contrasted analysis of classroom life. The confidence which the cooperative process generates over a prolonged period of joint investigation and experimentation gives students the security necessary to deal with radical changes in different teaching contexts.

At Málaga University, LS forms part of our research in both initial and in-service training (Practicum and other subjects where students develop actual “Learning and Service” projects). In both cases, our approach deals with students’ needs and interests using alternative pedagogical models.

The main goal of our research is twofold. Firstly, to identify the virtuality of each phase of LS in order to promote theorisation of practice and experimentation of theory as key areas in reconstructing practical knowledge. Secondly, to develop the role of LS methodological advisers, as researchers who accompany teachers and trainees and help them take up this methodology.

Finally, it is worth noting that our research group is helping to disseminate LS by including it in University contexts in Latin America: as a core aspect of the Pedagogical Model at Universidad Nacional de Educación (Ecuador), and as part of teaching practice at Normal Veracruzana school and Veracruz University through a research project with funding for four years (Xalapa, Mexico).

University of Malaga LS team
Pérez Gómez, Á.I., Soto Gómez, E., Serván Núñez, M.J., Peña Trapero, N., Caparrós Vida, R. y Rodríguez Robles, C.

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