WALS-Routledge Lesson Study Series

Six books have already been published under the series and these include:

  1. Stepping Up Lesson Study by Aki Murata and Christine Lee                                   
  2. Changing Teaching, Changing Teachers by Keith Wood and Saratha Sithamparam                     
  3. Lesson Study in Inclusive Educational Settings by Sui Lin Goei, Brahm Norwich, Peter Dudley                
  4. Lesson Study-based Teacher Education by Jongsung Kim, Yoshida Nariakira, Iwata Shotaro, Hiromi Kawaguchi
  5. Educators’ Learning from Lesson Study: Mathematics for Ages 5 – 13 by Akihiko Takahashi, Thomas McDougal, Shelley Friedkin, Tad Watanabe.
  6. Reforming Lesson Study in Japan by Yuta Suzuki

There are 3 more books contracted and these include

  • Teaching Professional Learning through Lesson Study in Virtual or Hybrid Environments” by Rongjin Huang, Nina Helgevold, Jean Lang & Heng Jiang;
  • Planning and Analyzing Teaching” by Ference Marton, Angelika Kullberg & Åke Ingerman; and
  • “Lesson Study in Preservice Mathematics and Science Teacher Education” by Sharon Dodger et al.

One book proposal is under review. This will take us to a total of at least ten books published by the end of 2023.

WALS members can take advantage of the discount available to them to purchase the books in the Series using the discount code available at WALS website at this link WALS Members Special Discount for Routledge Catalogue – WALS (walsnet.org). We welcome additional expressions of interest in writing a book for the Series from authors keen to contribute to this growing series.

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