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Dear colleagues,

You are cordially invited to join us at the World Association of Lesson Studies International Conference 2008 (WALS 08).

Over the past decades, pedagogical innovations were developed in different parts of the world. Amongst these, Lesson Study has proved a successful and effective means for enhancing teaching and learning, facilitating teachers' professional development, and helping schools to develop as learning communities.



Last year, the WALS 07 Conference brought together more than 600 academics and teachers from over 15 countries. Apart from academics and education administrators, it also attracted a large teacher audience from many places – China, Singapore, Sweden, UK and Hong Kong. Together we shared insights on how teaching and learning could be enhanced by teachers' involvement in action research and through participation in Lesson Studies.

We are pleased to announce that WALS 08, jointly organized by the World Association of Lesson Studies and the Hong Kong Institute of Education, will be held in Hong Kong in December 2008. We believe that this will offer an invaluable opportunity for educators and researchers across the globe to congregate and discuss research findings on Lesson Studies.

The theme this year is “From Teaching to Learning”. We hope that this title will reflect not only the shared belief amongst lesson study researchers that teaching can bring about learning, but also a commitment to ensure that teaching does lead to learning, for we know that at the end it is learning, not teaching, that counts.

On behalf of WALS 08 Organizing Committee, we welcome your contribution to and participation in WALS 08. For further enquiries, please write to me at wals@ied.edu.hk. We look forward to welcoming you in Hong Kong.

KO Po Yuk (Dr.)
Chairperson of the Organizing Committee of the Conference



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