Agenda for the 10th Annual General Meeting

Date: 2nd December 2021

Online. Prior to the conference closing ceremony

07.30 (Central European Time)
14.30 (Hong Kong and Macau Time)
22.30 (1st Dec Pacific Time)

  1. Welcome by WALS President, – Dr. Pete Dudley
  2. Questions for Jean Lang and contributors on the WALS annual report for 2021, Jean Lang, Hon. Gen. Sec. Vote on acceptance of annual report. View Annual Report here.
  3. Questions for Dr. Christine Lee regarding the financial statements. Vote on acceptance of financial statements. View Financial Statement here.
  4. Questions for Professor Keith Wood on the IJLLS annual report. View IJLLS Report here.
  5. Questions for Dr. Pete Dudley regarding proposed changes to the WALS constitution. Vote on proposed changes. View document here.
  6. Presidential elections and office bearers for the period January 2022 to December 2023 – Ms. Jean Lang
  7. Proposals and election of additional Council members for the period January 2022 to December 2022 – Ms. Jean Lang
  8. Reflection on WALS 2021, – Dr. Pete Dudley, Prof. Po Yuk Ko and Prof. Sean Li
  9. Questions for Zanaton H. Iksan regarding WALS Conference and programme video.
  10. AOB
  11. Close

Ms. Jean Lang
Hon. Gen. Secretary


Dear WALS Member Colleagues

With thanks to all those WALS members who voted in person at the Annual General Meeting of WALS on 2nd December and in the email vote, I am pleased to announce that a total of 202 votes were cast. 193 were in support of the proposed constitutional changes and the election of Professor Kiyomi Akita to become the first WALS President Elect. This means that 96% of the vote supported Kiyomi’s election and the changes to the WALS constitution: (structural integration of timezones; representational and governance roles of council; action oriented ExCo and a rolling Presidency model). There were 0 votes against and 9 abstentions.

So congratulations to Professor Akita on this historic election. She will serve for two years as (Vice) President Elect to newly elected President Catherine Lewis and will become President in 2024.

Congratulations again to Catherine Lewis and her new team on their election that will take WALS through to 2024 and thanks to all those who took part in this important vote.

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