Open Research Lessons in Continuous Professional Development

Teachers interested in Lesson Study were invited to experience two open research lessons at the practice school of the University College of Teacher Education in Lower Austria. A vivid exchange of ideas on the pupils’ learning during the competence-oriented units “The Mixed-up Chameleon” and “Das Elfchen” followed a practical and theoretical discussion of the lessons guided by the teachers, who had taught the research lessons and knowledgeable others. The participants of the in-service training thus received an introduction to Lesson Study and were given the opportunity to establish teams and to sign up for the programme.

Lesson Study and teacher learning through their collaboration with knowledge others is a new, on-site format for continuing professional development in Lower Austria. Teachers choose areas of interest for their schools and classes, and with the support of Lesson Study facilitators they can collaborate in developing their pupils’ learning in the subjects of German, English, mathematics, music and arts education directly at their schools. They receive support from knowledge others with whom they plan, observe, analyse and professionally develop their lessons and their pupils’ learning.

Teachers’ collaboration with knowledge others, who are mediated by the University College of Teacher Education in Lower Austria, can start at any time during the academic year and can also be integrated into existing or new school quality assurance projects of their schools.

Research lesson “Das Elfchen“ with Petra Schinner
Teachers observe learning and they learn from it
Research lesson “The Mixed-up Chameleon” with Regina Müller
Learning new words
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