The first Lausanne Lesson Study International Conference was held from 6-8 June, 2018

The first Lausanne Lesson Study International Conference organised by Lausanne Laboratory Lesson Study (3LS, took place from 6-8 June, 2018 in Lausanne, Switzerland. With the theme of “Lesson Study Diversity: Concepts, Practices and Impacts”, the event brought together 60 participants- teachers, school administrators, educators and researchers- from 11 countries. The event which provided a platform to describe and question the different adaptations of Lesson Study in Europe was conducted in both French and English. This has given both a local and an international coloration to the discussions.
The conference began with a public research lesson, which is also the first public research lesson in Switzerland.

The event saw 3 plenary sessions (Daniel Martin & Julien Buchard, Takeshi Miyakawa & Stéphane Clivaz, Pete Dudley) and 24 paper presentations that explored the following strands:
1) the underlying theoretical and methodological bases of LS approaches,
2) the application of LS approaches,
3) the issues and impact of LS on training, teaching and pupils’ learning.

At the end of the conference, Shannon Morego (USA) and Maria Moumoulidou (Greece) summarized the key ideas of the conference and solicited feedback from participants on the direction of Lesson Study for future practice.

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