Camtree is the Cambridge Teacher Research Exchange

Camtree encourages, supports and publishes educational practitioners’ research. ​

If you would like to: ​

  • connect with a vibrant, growing international community of practitioner researchers​
  • Set up your school or cluster’s classroom research community​
  • find out more about how to conduct and lead successful classroom research, or ​
  • publish your classroom research with Camtree, Cambridge​

Visit us here

Or contact​

We support educational practitioner research in schools, ​universities, workplaces and communities. And we believe ​shared practitioner research should play a greater role ​in developing curriculum, pedagogy, educational leadership and policy – worldwide.​

​Camtree launches early in 2022 and the community is building now.​ Be part of something that can put power for change into the ​hands and hearts of practitioners.​

Camtree is proud to sponsor WALS 2021.

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