Lesson Study@University of Stavanger

Top image: Christine Lee with some of the Lesson Study Research Group at University of Stavanger (Elaine Munthe, Anne Mette Karlsen, Gro Naesheim-Bjorkvik, Rebecca Ann Stuvland, Christine Lee, Arne Jakobsen, Nina Helgevold)

The Lesson Study@University of Stavanger group hosted Christine Lee, National Institute of Education, Singapore, for 2 weeks this spring. What a wonderful opportunity to share, discuss, and learn!
Christine Lee, founding member and former President of WALS (2011-2016), shared her current work on “listening pedagogy” with the group. Inspired by, among others, Professor Manabu Sato and Professor Katherine Schulz, Christine gave all who took part in the session a possibility to reassess what it means to listen. Listening is a central tenet of teaching and learning, but it is challenging. It takes patience as well as courage. Listening is important for teachers who do Lesson Study, and it is a stance that can be developed, Christine explained.

One of the schools Christine visited, Riska Lower Secondary School, is a Lesson Study school that is taking part in research with the University of Stavanger. The school has been doing Lesson Study since 2016 across all subjects led by a strong leadership team comprising Principal Oyvind Fjerrmestad and his Assistant Principals. Leadership support is key to the development and sustainability of school-based Lesson Study and this school epitomizes a very important ingredient. Riska has invested in Lesson Study development by providing opportunities for its team to attend WALS2017 conference in Nagoya as well as LS meetings in London, Denmark and Sweden through ERASMUS mobility grants.

Christine Lee with the leadership team at Riska Lower Secondary School

Source: Elaine Munthe and Christine Lee

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