💬 Lesson Study Café 💬

Grab a cup of coffee ☕ and join us virtually for a casual chat to talk about issues concerning your research, and collaboratively seek ways to address them. 🤝

Every session will focus on one specific theme/topic and will be led by one PhD student or early career researcher (ECR). Examples of themes include the use of textbooks, teachers’ reflection journal entries, whole-class discussions, teacher’s talk, and observation in LS.

Some useful information about LS Café:

  1. Aim: To have an open and safe space for PhD students and ECRs to share their research/ studies, talk with researchers from different institutions around the world, and learn about new research, tools, and techniques that might be relevant to their work.
  2. Topic Provider/Moderator: 1 PhD student/ ECR
  3. Participants: Anyone who is interested in discussing the topic
  4. Venue: Zoom (provided by WALS)
  5. Duration: 1 hour- 1.5 hours

If you are interested in providing a topic and moderating a session, please indicate your interest here ✍🏽 :

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