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Finding the Form

Edited By Sharon Dotger, Gabriel Matney, Jennifer Heckathorn, Kelly Chandler-Olcott, Miranda Fox

This insightful volume offers an overview of the fundamentals of lesson student practice in US teacher education as well as examples from math and science teacher educators using lesson study in their local contexts.

The number of teacher educators using lesson study with preservice teachers is small but growing. This book is aimed at teacher educators who may want to try lesson study in university contexts without the challenge of translating the practice from the K-12 context on their own. In this volume, lesson study is broadly overviewed, attention is given to its constituent steps, and examples of lesson study in preservice contexts are shared. Given the broad array of teacher education program designs, numerous contingencies guide teacher educators in their implementation of lesson study, given their contextual affordances and limitations.

The lesson study descriptions and cases in this book will support teacher educators and scholars across subject specialities and geographic lines, as they seek instructional frameworks to advance their pedagogical goals.

Theories of Action for Schools as Learning Communities

By Yuta Suzuki

This book elucidates the formation and development of theories of action in school reforms for Schools as Learning Communities (SLC) during ten years from its inception in 1998 in select Japanese elementary schools, junior high schools, and one secondary school. While growing international interest in Japanese lesson study is in pursuit of a standard lesson study, Suzuki offers a unique perspective into school reforms for SLC and how they resisted the standardization of lesson study out of concerns that it would limit a teacher’s autonomous judgment and choice.

Through a theory-of-action approach in its examination of the pilot schools for SLC, this book clarifies:

• Why did teachers reform lesson study?

• What were the difficulties in reforming lesson study?

• Why were teachers working on school reform for SLC?

• Why did the school reform for SLC evolve from an elementary school to the junior high schools and high schools?

This book provides a theoretical foundation for reviewing the past efforts and histories of Japanese lesson study reforms, and will interest academics and practitioners looking for insights into the future of lesson study.

WALS-Routledge Lesson Study Series

About the Series

This series aims to provide opportunities for researchers and practitioners in Lesson Study to share their work beyond the boundaries of their countries to an international audience. Lesson Study is increasingly popular as a tool for improving the quality of education and schools around the world. As many countries are adapting and contextualizing Japanese Lesson Study to their own needs in response to educational and curriculum reforms cognizant that what matters most is what happens in classrooms and its impact on teachers and students. As Lesson Study originates from Japan, there is also a need for English Language readers around the world to understand more deeply the underlying philosophies, policies and practices of Japanese Lesson Study in the cultural contexts of their schools and classrooms. As well as original works in English from leading figures in Lesson Study, this series will also make available outstanding Lesson Study publications originally written in Japanese but extended and revised for an English audience.


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