School Visit

(A)   Landstede School for Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Landstede school for VET is part of Landstede board of schools. Landstede offers education and learning for pupils and students from 12 to 65. Landstede VET provides education for almost 12.000 students in vocational education and training in the domains of: secondary education; secondary vocational education; adult education and training for business and non-profit organizations.

Main Areas of VET

- Office & Management - Health Care & Welfare
- Trade & Commerce
- Education & Upbringing
- Tourism & Hospitality
- Beauty & Fashion
- Environment & Animal Care
- Security & Legal Services
- Construction & Architecture
- Sports
- ICT & Technology
- Transport & Logistics
- Technology & Innovation
- Design & Entertainment

Landstead is in Zwolle and this education is organized in approximately by 60 education teams.

Program of School Visit

♦  Welcome by School Leader

♦  Guided tour by teachers and students

♦  Short presentation of the project Lesson Study for Vocational Education and Training (LS4VET).

♦  Discussion time, time to talk with teachers and students.

Max Participants: 25pax

Cost: $15.00 USD

Date: Thursday Morning, November 30

* Lunch and transport are not provided for this School Visit.

(B)   Kampus

Kampus ( the place for innovative craftsmanship in Twente. Here the young and elderly learn to discover their talents and where to experience the various professions.


The heart of Kampus is the Experience Center. This will be the innovative showcase for new trends and developments in construction, healthcare, retail and technology. Where it is buzzing with energy, where companies present themselves and launch their latest innovations.


Kampus was created thanks to a great collaboration between companies and educational institutions. Through this collaboration, Kampus will become a powerful training center for various vocational training courses, such as technology, construction, trade, logistics and care. Kampus’ training partners are: ROC van Twente, Bouwmensen Rijssen, REMO West-Twente, Zorggilde Reggestreek, OT&L, InfraVak and SWV Meubel.

Program of School Visit


0900:   Departure by school bus Agere

1000:   Welcome by Kampus School Leader

1030:   Guided Tour by Teachers and Students

1130:   Short presentation of the project Lesson Study for Vocational Education and Training (LS4VET).

1200:   Lunch

1300:   Guided Tour by Teachers and Students (continued)

1400:   Discussion Time – time to talk with teachers and students.

1430:   Departure for Zwolle

1530:   Arrival in Zwolle

Max Participants: 60pax

Cost: $15.00 USD

Date: November 30, Thursday
Time: 09:00 – 15:30

* Lunch and bus transport are included for this School Visit.