Call For Proposal

Call For Proposals

We warmly invite you to participate in WALS 2023 by talking about your work. Although talk will be a central theme of the conference, contributions to all aspects of Lesson Study are welcome. You can submit a proposal in one of the following formats:

Single Talk

Presentation of your work on Lesson Study or Learning Study. Single talks will be grouped in sessions of four. A single talk presents practical work or research on or with Lesson or Learning Study.

Group Talk

A 90-minute group talk (Symposium) consists of three or four related talks on a topic related to Lesson Study or Learning Study, followed by a discussion initiated by a discussant. The symposium organizer submits these papers together as a single proposal.

Work Talk

Work talk (Workshop) is a 90-minute session with active participation. Participants might, for example, explore teaching materials or try Lesson Study or Learning Study tools. The workshop proposer should explain the activities participants will engage in.

Table Talk

A 90-minute table talk is a focused round table discussion to exchange ideas about a topic iproposed by the table talk organizer. Typical themes for table talks involve novel ideas or challenges in research or practice related to Lesson Study/Learning Study. The table talk allows exploration of these ideas through discussion with other conference participants.

Poster Talk

A poster presentation involves presenting your work on a poster. A poster typically presents work in progress. During the conference, single posters are grouped thematically in a dedicated poster session, and a discussant will provide comments and feedback.

School Talk

A 90 minute targeted presentation in which schools showcase their practice of Lesson and Learning Studies. It is encouraged that multiple (typically three) schools engage together in a school talk session.

For further information on the session types and how to submit please refer to the submission page.