WALS2012: School Visits

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Monday 9 September 2013, 09:00-15:00

As a part of the WALS 2013 conference we will offer the opportunity for the participants to visit Swedish schools. There will be time for discussions with the teachers before as well as after the lesson.

There will be different subjects in the different schools, but the visits will have a similar design. First the visitors are introduced to the Swedish school system, the specific school and the topic for the lesson (including the object of learning). The visitors will then be divided into smaller groups and see the lesson (in different classes). After the lessons the smaller groups are again joined for a second chance to ask questions and comment on experiences. Lunch will be served at the schools (free of extra charge).

The first school available is Fenestra Centrum, a lower secondary school, in Gothenburg where the lessons will be in Mathematics/Natural Science or Foreign Language/Social Science in school years 7-9 (pupils aged 13-15). Both lessons will be taught in two simultaneous sessions which enables all together 40 visitors to be invited to Fenestra Centrum. Sparsörskolan in Borås, a primary school, is another option, and here the lessons will be in Mathematics and Swedish in school year 1-6 (pupils aged 7-12). There are also two upper secondary schools available. The first one is LM Engströms Gymnasium and the other one is Mikael Elias Teoretiska Gymnasium. Both of these upper secondary schools are situated in the central parts of Gothenburg just a short walk away from the conference venue. The subjects for the visiting lessons are not yet determined.

There will also be a possibility to visit a pre-school where the children are in between 3-5 years old and the visitors will be offered an opportunity to see the activities and speak with the teachers. Similarly to the previously described visits, the visitors will be introduced to the topics and offered lunch.

Transport will be provided to the school visits, no school is more than 60 minutes away from the central parts of Gothenburg by bus. The information and discussion with teachers before and after the lessons will be in English, and the lessons will be taught in Swedish (except the lessons in English as a Foreign Language), interpretation will be offered. Buses will depart from the central part of Gothenburg Monday morning 130909 and the visitors will be back by 15.00.

The visitors who have opted for the primary and lower secondary schools, and also the pre-school visitors, will meet outside Pedagogen (the main building for the conference) at 09.00 for further bus transport. The visitors who have opted for the upper secondary visits will meet at 09.30 for a guided walk (100 metres to LM Engström and 500 metres to Mikael Elias).

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