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THE UNIVERSITY OF GOTHENBURG is one of the most popular universities in Sweden, topping the nation in several academic areas in terms of number of applicants per available study place. It has approximately 39,000 students and 5,700 employees, which makes it one of the largest universities in Northern Europe.

The University's 44 departments pursue research and courses within most scientific disciplines, making us one of the country's broadest and most diverse seats of learning. Being wide-ranging is not a virtue in itself, but it becomes meaningful when different disciplines and environments come together to develop new knowledge. Different models for developing cross-boundary research- and education environments are currently being tried out.

In an international perspective too, the University of Gothenburg is unusually comprehensive, with cutting-edge expertise within a number of dynamic fields of research. We are particularly proud of the fact that the 2000 Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to Professor Arvid Carlsson for his neuropharmacology research.

The University of Gothenburg has the following special, interfaculty profile areas within research and education: Health, Culture, Environment, Democracy and social development and finally; Knowledge formation and learning, a profile area that is apparent at the Faculty of Education. Five priority research areas have been identified as strong within their fields. The Faculty of Education hosts one of those priority research areas: Learning.

GOTHENBURG has been characterized by commerce, ocean trade and international contacts ever since the city was founded in 1621. It is a vibrant city with a charming and relaxed atmosphere. It has a great reputation as a clean, green and safe city with a friendly welcome for visitors. The compact city centre, built around the canals, offers everything a big city should and all within easy walking distance.

PEDAGOGEN, which hosts FACULTY OF EDUCATION, was built on rediscovered original fortifications from the old fortified city. Pedagogen is situated within the old moat Vallgraven in the city centre of Gothenburg, within walking distance to the main culinary sights of Gothenburg – Feskekörka fish market hall and Saluhallen market hall. Some of the most popular attractions in Gothenburg is not far from Pedagogen: the Gothenburg Opera House, the Museum of World Culture, the Gothenburg Museum of Art and the amusement park Liseberg. If possible, also take the chance to visit the beautiful Gothenburg archipelago – trams, buses and ferries will take you there.

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