Idaho Lesson Study Conference

The Idaho Regional Math Center hosted the state’s first lesson study conference teaching two “live” public lessons over two days in one of the most rural areas of the nation. More than 120 teachers from around the region and state gathered and collaborated around the research theme of Supporting Productive Struggle while Maintaining Cognitive Demand. Additionally, Dr. Akihiko Takahashi delivered Final Comments after each of the lessons.

“Lesson study is the primary professional learning vehicle to support teachers and students in our region, and it is growing like wildfire”, says Regional Math Specialist, Ryan Dent. “Nearly every teacher that joins us in lesson study, chooses to continue year after year. In a region where many teachers are the only math teacher in their grade level, or even in the entire school, providing opportunities for teachers to collaborate, observe research lessons and authentically test ideas from current research is critical for student success and the development of the teaching profession.”

The Idaho Regional Math Center is incredibly grateful to be funded and supported by the Idaho State Department of Education (SDE) and the Idaho State Legislature.

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