Lesson Study Teacher Research to Develop 21st Century Teaching Practices and Learning Outcomes in Brunei Darussalam 2013-17

We have recently completed a three-year study (2013-17) supported by a Brunei Research Council (BRC08) grant involving 150 teachers of four curriculum areas from government primary and secondary schools to develop a research-based professional development model for 21st century teaching and learning (21CTL). The model engages teachers in cycles of Lesson Study to design, teach and review learning activities that promote 21st century skill development in the context of the national curriculum. To review the design of the learning situation, teachers collect evidence of gains in student knowledge and capabilities, and evidence of the opportunities provided by the design for students to build the target skills of collaboration, knowledge construction, self-regulation, real-world problem-solving and innovation, the use of ICT for learning and skilled communication. The study sought to identify the necessary conditions for teacher learning, hypothesized to include teacher experience of simultaneous variation with respect to 1) approaches to the design of learning situations, 2) students’ responses to the processes and content of those designs, and 3) teachers’ interpretations of the student learning outcome.

See, for example, Wood, K., Jaidin, J. H., Jawawi, R., Perera, Q., Salleh, S., Shahrill, M. and Sithamparam, S. (2017) How and what teachers learn from collaborative professional development, International Journal for Lesson and Learning Studies, Vol. 6, No. 2, 151-168.

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