Spreading lesson study in pre-service teacher instruction


Maria Laura Angelini, (Department of English, Universidad Catolica de Valencia San Vicente Mártir, Valencia, Spain)
Neus Álvarez, (Department of English, Universidad Catolica de Valencia San Vicente Mártir, Valencia, Spain)



The purpose of this paper is to examine the perceptions of pre-service teachers (PSTs) who used lesson study on a five-week school-based teaching placement. The paper analyses 12 undergraduate PSTs’ perceptions of the way lesson study affected classroom-based teaching of English as a foreign language to pre-school and primary school.


A qualitative study is carried out from the responses to a semi-structured interview to the PSTs, and written responses to the open-ended question: What are your perceptions of lesson study?


This paper provides empirical insights about the way lesson study reinforced the PSTs’ classroom management and lesson planning skills. The case-pupils’ responses to the PSTs’ questions post-treatment indicated that games and active techniques in the classroom led to high retention of the taught content. Nevertheless, PSTs’ evaluations of pupils’ learning outcomes require further development. These evaluations often resulted in vague perceptions of overall lesson performance.

Research limitations/implications

This study provides hints of how case-pupils better learned and how PSTs did the observations and performed. However, the results cannot be generalized.


The researchers sustain that the teaching degrees should encourage critical thinking in PSTs’ self-evaluations to reduce the focus on standards and expectations. It is believed that if the pressure of designing perfect lessons is removed from the equation, and instead, sensible and realistic lessons are planned, PSTs will be more inclined to learn and respond resourcefully, creatively, and resolutely to classroom situations.

Keywords: Active learningPre-service teachersLesson studyTeacher training

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Received: 06 March 2017

Revised: 22 July 2017

Accepted: 14 August 2017

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