We will inform you about your presentation date and time about 2 weeks prior to the start of the conference.

Presentation slides must be in a 16:9 ratio (widescreen).

Please refer to your session type description for further details about your presentation.


On the day of your pitch, we kindly ask you to hang your poster in the morning, so your poster can be viewed during all breaks. You will find the presentation numbers and the titles on the designated poster panels.

The posters will need to be removed at the end of the day. Please be advised that if your poster is not removed at the end of the day, it will be disposed of.

Size:Up to 36” tall x 48” wide, 3 feet tall x 4 feet wide, 91.44 cm tall x 121.92 cm wide
Orientation: Either landscape or portrait
Paper:Indoor Banner
Attach:Grommets, ½” in each corner, ½” from edges (tool available at

*No additional technology will be available for posters

Recorded Pitch

WALS conference committee encourages you to enrich your poster or inspiration board with a 2-minute recorded pitch.  Participants will be able to learn more when you are not present.


(1) Make a 2-minute recorded audio pitch saved as MP3

  • iPhone apps: Voice memos (comes with phone), Voice Record Pro, Audio Editor, Evernote
  • Android apps: Android Voice Recorder, Audio Recorder, Titanium Recorder Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

(2) Label audio file

  • (Your last name)_Audio_(Conference Strand: Equity, Effectiveness, or Research)_(Title of Poster/Board)

(3) Upload recorded pitch to WALS 2020 Posters / Boards by November 1, 2020

(4) The WALS Committee will make a QR Code for poster/board label OR you can make your own

How to make your own QR Code

(1) Create QR code

(2) Save and label QR Code:

  • (Your last name)_QR_(Conference Strand: Equity, Effectiveness, or Research)_(Title of Poster/Board)

(3) Upload to WALS 2020 Posters / Boards by November 1, 2020

Label for poster with QR Code 8.5″ tall x 11″wide


Time5 minute presentation (10 minutes to set up and change speakers)
People4 Ignite speakers per session, Presider, and Tech support to mic and videotape
Format5 minute talk on WALS theme. 20 slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds.
The session will open with a Presider explaining what an ignite is and will introduce
each speaker.
Set-upSpeaker with mic – for recording purposes, screen off to one side, so speaker not in
front of (consider tape on floor). Auditorium style. Two recorders: one on speaker
and one on slides.
ContentPose a claim or question about your lesson study work: something you’ve noticed or
wondered; a success, challenge, learning problem; why are you investing in this
process; what you want others to think about and know; change; hiccups; how to…; etc.

Templates for Slide Deck

  • Common opening slides – Ignite overview and title slide (not part of 5 minutes) used during speaker introduction and tech set up
  • Download a WALS template: PowerPoint,  Google slides, Keynote  Note:  Google slides need to have automatic advance feature added after slide deck is finished.  Powerpoint and Keynote templates have automatic advance included)

Examples of Ignites from other conferences

Something you are passionate about

Advocate for change

Something you are noticing

How to…

WALS Talks

WALS Talks are modeled on TED Talks, but with specialized topics around the WALS conference themes:  Equity, Effective Lesson Study, and Research. There will be two WALS Talks per 40 minute session.

Time15 minute presentations (5 minutes to change and introduce speakers)
PeopleFacilitator, 2 presenters per session
Set-upSpeaker with mic if large room, computer with preloaded presentation slides,
speakers to project audio
ContentAddress one of three conference topics: equity, effective lesson study, and/or how
lesson study informs research and how research informs lesson study
UploadUpload your slide deck by November 1, 2020 so it can be preloaded onto a computer
WALS Talk Set-up

To download WALS 2020 Presenter Guidelines, click here.