Future Webinars

The next WALS webinar has been planned for May 29th at 4pm London (GMT+1) 8.00 am PST San Francisco, 11 am EST New York, Singapore and Beijing 11 pm, Tokyo 12 am (midnight), Bandung 10pm.

The webinar will be Chaired by Prof Catherine Lewis, Research Professor at the Department of Education at Mills College Oakland, California and will be presented by Dr Shelley Friedkin, also of Mills College and Assistant Professor Sharon Dotger of Syracuse University

This webinar will focus on two tools useful for making student thinking visible: journals (notebooks) and board writing (bansho). The presenters will share a mathematics and a science case study to show how these tools are used. These cases will highlight similarities and differences in the use of these tools in these content areas. They will also discuss evidence of teacher learning from these cases. There will be an opportunity for webinar attendees to ask questions.

Attendees must be members of WALS and information on how to join this webinar will be sent to WALS members soon.
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