Conference Fees

Conference Registration Fees

WALS REGISTRATION FEE (includes WALS subscriptions + refreshments /lunch)
Whole conference £
Regular 330
Student regular 220
One day  
Regular 180
Student regular 120
Social event/meal 40
School visit (limited availability)

Notes about fees:

1. WALS membership fee (commencing 1st January 2017) is included in the fees for whole conference and day registrations.
2. Those with memberships expiring before 31 December 2016 need to pay the full conference fee (above).
3. Those with WALS membership expiring beyond 31 Dec 2016 can pay their registration fee minus the WALS subscription – (reduce above fees by £20 for student registrants and £32 for others). Those wishing to pay reduced registration fee on these grounds need to send screenshot of their membership status or a receipt.
4. Student registrants need to also provide proof of their status by uploading their student cards