Presenter and Chair Information

Information for Presenters

All presenters must register at the registration desk on arrival. Please check the programme at the registration desk on the day, to confirm the location, date and time of your presentation, as last minute changes may have been made. All meeting rooms will have a data projector, PC (PowerPoint facilities) and internet.

You may review your presentation in the Speaker Preview Room. This is an opportunity to run through your presentation, and there will also be technicians available for any assistance. The University of Exeter is unable to guarantee that apple products will be fully supported.  If you wish to present directly from your laptop, please inform the technicians in the Speaker Preview Room and they will confirm the VGA connector cables are available to provide to you.


For individual paper presentations last 15 – 20 minutes, plus some time for questions. They will be scheduled in 90 minute sessions which will normally include 3 papers on similar themes, in exceptional cases, 4 papers may be combined. Symposia consist of one 90 minute sessions organised by the submitters. A chairperson for each session will take care of time and manage discussion.

Please plan your presentation in a way to allow some questions within your presentation time. We suggest that presenters end their presentations with a couple of questions in order to stimulate discussion after their presentation. Questions/ discussion should be after each paper and not at the end of the session.

WALS does not issue conference proceedings, so you don’t need to hand in a full paper. However if you are interested in having your paper published in our international peer reviewed journal; International Journal of Lesson and Learning Studies please submit this online at:

Information for Chairs for Individual Paper Sessions

WALS would like to thank all chairs for their most valuable contribution to the conference.

Please make yourself familiar with the session you are supposed to chair. Please check the programme at the registration desk on the day, to confirm the location, date and time of your session, as last minute changes may have been made.

The abstracts of all presentations are online at: meeting rooms will have a data projector, PC (PowerPoint facilities) and internet. There will be details at the front of the room with contact details for the technicians onsite.

At the beginning of the session check that all presenters have arrived. A short introduction of the presenter and institution can be announced at the beginning of each paper. For each paper questions and discussion should take place immediately after each presentation.

Keep to time and please be firm when reminding speakers to stop.

Thank the presenters at the end and encourage those who wish to engage the speakers in lengthy discussion to do so over coffee. Please make any housekeeping announcements if requested and remind people of the next events on the programme.

If unfortunately some presenters fail to turn up to the session, please agree with the audience and other speakers how the extra time should be used (it may involve an earlier finish, a break, or allowing longer for each speaker). Try to ensure that each speaker is given the same amount of time for the presentation and discussion of their paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size/format should my poster be?

A: A0 - portrait


Q: What is the size ratio of the presentation screens?

A: 16:9


Q: Is there a possibility for on-site printing?

A: The University print unit is open on 2nd and 5th September from 9.30am – 4.30pm. Prices vary depending on the printing required so please enquire at the desk


Q: I compiled my presentation on a mac - what machines will be in the lecture hall?

A: All of the lecture halls have PC’s. There is VGA and HDMI in all rooms however it is strongly advised by our AV team that you bring along your own MAC to VGA adaptor. We may not be able to supply for your machine

We would advise to put the presentations on a USB-Stick in a compatible format to give everyone the full experience of your presentation


Q: When should we give you the presentations?

A: In the breaks before the sessions you should bring your USB stick to the speaker prep room in the Forum. We will label your USB with name and presentation title and then we will upload your presentation onto the desktop in the correct venue for your talk.


Q: When do I have to choose which sessions I am attending?

A: You do not need to choose until the session starts.