WALS 2015: Lesson study for improvement of classroom quality :: First call for papers: 15 December 2014 :: Deadline for abstract submission: 31 May 2015

Conference Program

N.B. Presenters of WALS 2015 are required to send full paper to wals2015@kku.ac.th or leave it to the moderator at presentation room with PPT slide (if oral presenter). These full papers and PPT slides will be passed to WALS for sharing with members of WALS from past WALS conferences.

Presenters can also submit full paper for publication in the WALS’ journal - The International Journal for Lesson and Learning Studies (IJLLS) after the conference.


► Tentative schedule

► Plenary sessions

► Quick search for list of presenters (summary of papers)

       Oral presentation# PP1

       Oral presentation# PP2

       Oral presentation# PP3

       Oral presentation# PP4

       Oral presentation# PP5

       Poster presentation# PO

       Young researcher session

► Symposium

       JICA session: "How to Improve the Quality of Lesson Study in Mathematics and Science – Focusing on Lesson Preparation and Post Lesson Discussions" 

        Symposium 1: “Cross-cultural inquiry for customized teaching and and personalized learning”

        Symposium 2: “Lesson Study And Curriculum Management In Japan: Focusing on Action Research”

► Workshops

         Workshop 1:“Helping lower-achieving students succeed through differentiated instruction: A Singapore case-study”

        Workshop 2: "How 1 to 5 Piano Therapy is related to Mathematics"

        Workshop 3: “Open Approach: An alternative innovation to enhance English language learning”

        Workshop 4: “Teaching Mathematics through Problem Solving (Primary Mathematics) ”

        Workshop 5: “Assessing Students’ Readiness in Learning Mathematics for Improving Classroom Quality”

        Workshop 6: "Workshop on Short Cycle Formative Assessment for Classroom"

       Workshop 7: “Teaching Mathematics through Problem Solving (Secondary Mathematics) ”

► Open Class

       Open Class 1: “Mathematics class for Matthayomsuksa 1 (Grade 7)”

        Open Class 2: “Disaster study class for senior high school (Grade 10-12)"