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About Lesson Study In Indonesia

Indonesia's involvement with lesson study has developed gradually and is now part of the existing culture in schools. The essence of lesson study was first introduced introduced by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) through the Indonesian Mathematics and Science Teacher Education Project (IMSTEP) (1998-2003) but it was not recognised as lesson study until a follow up to IMSTEP (2003-2005) was implemented. Subsequently, the Strengthening In-Service Teacher Training of Mathematics and Science Education at Secondary level (SISTTEMS) (2006-2008) project promoted a large scale empowerment of learning communities and initiated a school reform approach at a district level. In its implementation, junior high schools in close geographical proximity came under the supervision of various Teacher Education Institutions (TEIs), for example, Sumedang, Bantul and Pasuruan districts became strategic partners with Indonesia University of Education, State University of Yogyakarta and State University of Malang respectively.

The successful implementation of SISTTEMS promoted the growth of lesson study and attracted educators and education institutions across the archipelago to undertake it as an approach to the professional development of teachers. The Ministry of National Education (MONE), with the support of JICA through PELITA from 2009 to 2013, extended the piloting of lesson study to three other districts / cities. Padang city, Banjar Baru and North Minahasa districts came under the supervision of State University of Padang, Sumatra, University of Lambungmangkurat, Borneo and State University of Manado, Sulawesi respectively. MONE has also facilitated 52 TEIs all over the country in the implementation of lesson study for the improvement of their pre-service program since 2008. In addition, the Indonesia University of Education has succeded in the dissemination of lesson study in 16 districts in the provinces of West Java through a school-university partnership project. Now, Jambi Province in Sumatra island has shown interest in adopting lesson study, having heard of West Java's success story.

In Indonesia, lesson study is defined as a model of professional development for educators as they study teaching and learning processes collaboratively, based on the principles of collegiality and mutual learning to develop a learning community. It is increasingly recognized throughout the country as an effective approach to teacher education, professional development, and school reform. As a leading institution, Indonesia University of Education has promoted lesson study networks by organizing annual national seminars and conferences since 2006. Several prominent scholars in lesson study have shared their experience and expertise; they come particularly from Japan, Singapore and Malaysia. Since 2010, the conferences have introduced teaching exchanges in which participants observed Indonesian and Japanese teachers lessons and shared teaching culture.